Grand Canyon to 29 Palms, California

My daughter’s husband, Mike, had been assigned to the Marine Corp base at 29 Palms, California. They had arrived there in February, 2000, and I’d been planning for months to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona in March. I would be their first visitor. Marine corp regulations allow a visitor 30 days. We took the full allowance.

joshua tree

Joshua Tree National Park was practically in their back yard and it was my good fortune to visit when the Joshua trees were in bloom, their large, white blossoms standing out against the deep blue desert sky. JT is a mecca for rock climbers for whom the park is a popular destination. I enjoyed watching from a boulder closer to the desert floor while the more adventurous reached pinnacles that hardly seemed wide enough, yet they would stand to relish the glory before descending.

My sister, Nancy, came to visit while I was there. We enjoyed exploring together. On one occasion I was seeking a new route

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