Beauport House: A Delightful Curiosity

Perched majestically on a rocky cliff in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Beauport House towers above the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, a lasting testament to the expertise of its designer and a timeless memorial to his eccentric nature and his love of color and light.

Henry Davis Sleeper, a prominent interior designer of the 1920s and 1930s, began building his summer retreat in 1907, probably never imagining that over the next 27 years his modest plans would evolve into a curiosity house as well as a treasure of American design.

Sleeper loved to entertain and throw lavish parties and was host to many rich and famous celebrities. His house became a showcase for his talents and he often toured prospective clients through the home to inspire ideas for their homes. Sometimes when a client requested something special, Sleeper would simply add on a room to his home as a sample of the idea, thus ending up with a vast variety of techniques and styles throughout. As Alice in Wonderland would exclaim, things were getting

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2 Responses to “Beauport House: A Delightful Curiosity”

  1. What a crazy place! I would love to spend a couple days there as I would imagine you can’t see everything in one visit. It’s amazing the things people do… especially when they have plenty of money! Great story!

  2. Fascinating story! Sounds like a destination to add to my bucket list… which grows LONGER every day! lol

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